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Uni-Rail Storage & Flow Transfer System

Store and transfer various types of dunnage with ease; minimizing the potential for damage.

Profile Specifications:

Weight: 4.21 lbs/ft
Moment/Inertia: 6.25
Material: 6005-T5 Aluminum

Economical/Practical - Use to carry parts from manufacturing to storage or transfer to areas of the plant for different assembly stages.

Production Changes/Overflow - Set up a mobile storage area in vacant sections of the plant or warehouse.

Logistics - Ship the carts by truck from one plant to another and save in transfer time.

Cost Cutting & Savings - use one style of rack and cart and custom hangers to store and transfer multiple types of dunnage.

Live Load Chart


Product Features

Free standing structures with adjustable hangers for changing dunnage.
Curved Rail sections
Available in 3 & 4 link Carrier Assemblies

Mobile transfer cart


Instrument Panel staging area





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Freestand structure with transfer station