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Patent Track & Standard Rail

Steel Trolleys | Patent Track | Manual Steel Bridge Cranes

Unified custom Patent Track in (3) different sizes, 4", 5" and 6".
Unified Patent Track Sections are available up to 20' sections.
Patent Rails are compatible with our Unified Patent Track Trolleys.
Unified Patent Track can be utilized in special circumstances such as custom-built bridges and runways.

4" Patent Track
12.45 lbs./ft.
Moment/Inertia 12.128
Part # 80005

5" Patent Track
12.95 lbs./ft.
Moment/Inertia 18.928
Part # 80010

6" Patent Track
13.95 lbs./ft.
Moment/Inertia 28.503
Part # 80020

Light Rail Sections
Patent Track from 8" - 13"

Heavy Rail Sections
Patent Track from 12"-25"