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Aluminum Runway & Bridge Rail Systems

Although there are many factors to consider when designing a bridge and runway system, the basic concept is simple. The objective is to determine the most optimal method for picking up and transporting a product within a given work area.
There (7) basic components that make up a rail system.  They are Hangers, Runways, End Trucks, Bridges, Trolleys, End Stops and Festooning.

Rail Profiles

ETA-3 Enclosed Rail

Profile Information
1.81 lbs/ft
Max Length 25'
ETA-4 Enclosed Rail

Profile Information
3.73 lbs/ft
Max Length 33'

ETA-5 Enclosed Rail

Profile Information
4.67 lbs/ft
Max Length 42'

ETA-8 Enclosed Rail

Profile Information
8.16 lbs/ft
Max Length 42'

Each profile is extruded from high grade 6005-T5 aluminum.
ETA systems provide smooth, quiet operation.
Straight track, standard and compound curves.
Can be used as both runway and bridge rail.
Bridges are configurable to run on Patent & S-Beam runways.
Excellent Pricing & Delivery in 2 weeks on most items.

View Bridge Configurations

Note: All painted rail is for indoor use only and must be stored inside. Exposure to elements will affect the paint finish.


Uni-Rail System

Profile & Components
4.21 lbs/ft
Moment/Inertia 6.25

Storage and Flow Transfer system that allows you to store and transfer various parts with ease.
Rail profile made from high grade 6005-T5 aluminum.