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Lube Free Air Tractor

Model: UAT-NB-C2-ETA8

Key Benefits:

Lightweight and Compact
Lube Free Air Motor
Maintenance Friendly Design
Quick Delivery, Excellent Pricing
Maximum speed of 4 feet per second, 80lb pull/60lb push.


The lube free air tractor was developed to be a compact, and reliable alternative to those large air tractors most companies are familiar with. 

Part Number
Rail Type
UAT-NB-Cx-IS4 I-Beam S4
UAT-NB-Cx-IS6 I-Beam S6
UAT-NB-Cx-IS8 I-Beam S8
UAT-NB-Cx-PAT Patent Track


ETA4 and ETA8 model air consumption: 37 CFM @ 91 PSI
IS4, IS6, ES8 and PAT models air consumption: 53 CFM @ 91 PSI
Designed for plant air pressure: 87 -102 PSI

Control Package Options:                     
C1 = SMC Control Pack w/FWD/REV 2-Button Control Pendant.
C2 = SMC Control Pack Only. (Requires main air connection + fwd/ rev signals)
C3 = Base Tractor Only.  No Control valves.
C4 = SMC Control Pack w/4-Button Control Pendant (Fwd/Rev + ?/?)
NB = No Brake

Proper Tractor Operation: Tractor must come to a complete stop before it can be engaged in the opposite direction. If this process is not followed, damage to the Tractor will occur and the warranty will be void.

Consult Unified for Air Tractors to run on Knight, I/R, Demag and Gorbel rail profiles.

Replacement Tractor Drive Wheels:
60315 - ETA-4/5/8 Drive Wheel
60316 - Patent Track/Beam Drive Wheel

Air Tractor Tow Bars:

25682 - ETA-4/5 Tractor Tow Bar/Hitch
25684 - ETA-8 Tractor Tow Bar/Hitch

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Additional Information

Air Tractor Schematic.pdf

Preventative Maintenance Manual.pdf

Model: UAT-NB-C2-IS6

Model: UAT-NB-C2-ETA4